Aims & Objectives

The Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) Australia is a forum for trainers and anyone involved with dogs to communicate and exchange ideas regarding pet dog training and behaviour.

APDT Australia provides educational and networking opportunities including a newsletter, sharing of resources such as videos and books, an annual conference and workshops. Our annual conference features speakers who are experts in their fields.

Building Better Trainers Through Education.

Stance on Shock and Prong Collars

Letter to POCTA (pdf - 53Kb)

UK Article on TV Dog Trainers

Anti Dominance Article (pdf - 292Kb)

American Veterinary Science of Animal Behaviour Position Statements

Punishment (pdf - 2.6Mb)
Dominance (pdf - 2.6Mb)

The Bateson Report

The Bateson Report (pdf - 2.4Mb)

The Bateson Report Letter

The Bateson Report Letter (doc - 32.5Kb)

ACAC Report Media Release

ACAC Media Release (pdf - 102Kb)
ACAC suggested Article (pdf - 17Kb)

RSPCA Australia Discussion Paper on Puppy Farms

RSPCA Puppy Farm Discussion Paper (pdf - 2.6Mb)

The vision and mission statements are adopted with permission from APDT USA.

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